Newlyweds walking by the sea
Hi Leah,
You make me feel so young. We were able to get Elmas' military ID and medical coverage with just the documents in hand, your idea to provide lots of documentation did the trick. Loved the photos and video. Great job you guys!  Were able to get the photos on Facebook to all our friends. They all loved the photos except my ex. 
We really enjoyed your service and will  highly recommend you to any of our friends wanting to get married in Hawaii. Elmas absolutely fell in love with the island. Looking forward to next year's visit.
Aloha,   Mike & Elmas  
Married March 2011
Hi Leah!!
I thought you might both appreciate this .... I entered our wedding video in the Destination Weddings video contest and WE WON!  Gonna use our winnings to buy a new digital camera (as we broke ours on the honeymoon in Hawaii)!!  
Thanks again for all the hard work you both put in to make our day so memorable!!
Tracy  & Jason :o)
Married June 2010                        

Call (808) 922-4805 
Aloha, this is Nate & Laura celebrating our anniversary today.  We watched our wedding video as we always do on our special day, and just want to say to you two, that it is soooo awesome how you captured OUR day!! You guys are did a fantastic job and we just wanted to say many mahalos for your outstanding work!  Nate and Laura Graff  (16th Tee at Kaneohe Klipper, 9/1/2001) still in the islands...
...Aloha, you folks did our wedding back in 2001 on the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, I emailed you on our anniversary this year, and we were wondering if you do family pictures?  Like on the beach and outdoors stuff like that, you did such an awesome job on our wedding and no one else can give us quality pics like you guys did.  We have done the Sears thing and similar stuff but it just doesnt do it.  Let us know what you think, Many mahalos! 
Married September 1, 2001
Oh I am so glad to recieve email from you now!!  John and I want to thank you again for being part of our special day.  It meant so much to have a minister with such moving words and then to have so much fun having our photos taken.  I have never enjoyied a professional photo session until you Leah ;)  Thanks for all your help, I can't thank you enough for getting our photos so quickly to us, and submitting our wedding licence!!!  You're the best :)   Casey & John  
Married April 2005
Leah and Mike,
I am sorry we didn’t get a chance to call you while we were still in Hawaii and since we have been home things have been crazy.  It’s starting to slow down and get back to normal now and I have finally had a chance to email you and give you a HUGE THANK YOU!  Our wedding was absolutely perfect and it was everything we had imagined and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.  You guys are the cutest couple who truly are in love with each other (it is inspiring) and with what you do for a living and it shows!  Ryan and I had a great time with you and we were absolutely amazed with the talent you two have with photography and videography.  Our pictures were gorgeous and the video was incredible!  We both cried the first time we watched it cause you captured everything that we want to remember forever!  Our limo was beautiful along with our limo driver, he was great!  I didn’t know what to expect with my flowers but my bouquet was the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen! Our minister was absolutely perfect and his words meant so much to us.  I will recommend Hawaiian Eye Weddings to EVERYONE that I hear is getting married cause you guys are truly the BEST!  I will never forget you guys and what you did for us and we will be back to visit someday, I promise.  You are so lucky to live in paradise and live life to the fullest and enjoy what you do so much.  So a huge thank you from both Ryan and I again, you guys are easy to love!
Ryan and Courtney
Married February 2006
Leah & Mike,
Thank you so much for everything you did for our beautiful Hawaiian wedding!!! The photos and video are just wonderful.  Your work is truly amazing.  I can't wait to get some of the photos enlarged for our special wedding album & framed for the wall.  Everyone that has seen the video is so impressed with the quality and the extra time and care you put into adding the scenery and music.  I am so happy I found you on the Internet, my wedding couldn't have been more perfect.  Bill, the Hawaiian minister was exactly what we were hoping for.  The ring ceremony added so much to the simple ceremony we had wanted.  Mike the limo driver was great, too!!  My son had a fun time talking to Mike on the way back to our hotel. It was so nice to be picked up and then have everything taken care of, so we
could just enjoy our special day!! I just can't say enough about how wonderful you are, and I would recommend your services to anyone wanting the perfect Hawaiian wedding. Thank you for getting everything to us the day after the wedding, before we headed to the other island for the rest of our honeymoon.
Thank you so much,
Sarah and Paul
Married January 2007
I had looked at loads of Hawaiian wedding sites but was too scared to book it for myself in case something went wrong. As it happened my Agent in the UK used Hawaiian Eye Weddings to my delight as I thought they were the better one's anyway. When he finally put Leah and I in touch I was so happy at her emails, she was sensitive to our needs, very professional, funny and soon became my best email friend and things soon became personal with us to the point I would cry at some of the things we said to each other (all good of course). Upon meeting Leah it was like meeting up with an old friend I hadnt seen in a very long time, she was lovely. She talked us through everything and stayed with us until we were happy with everything. When I became very nervous and a complete nightmare, my maid of honour called her to see what she could do. Up popped Leah at our hotel, took us to the beach where we were to marry and went through every detail again until I was all calm. On the big day I have never been more calm in all my life and that was all down to Leah and the wonderful Mike. Leah is now like a big sister to me and will be in my heart forever! She and Mike made our day the most moving, relaxing, emotional and funny experience I have ever had how could I ever have doubted Hawaiian Eye Weddings they are the AAAAA team!! Please stop looking when you find them or you will make a mistake in not using them!!!!
Thank you so much Leah and Mike for the most wonderful wedding anyone could dream of
All our Love and thanks
Rosie and Neil  
Morecambe, UK
Married April 11, 2011

Aloha Leah,
We saw our wedding DVD on Saturday when we got home, just the two of us. Oh my God. So much more than we expected. So lovely. i know our mothers were looking down at us and God's hand provided you and your husband with the special magic to put it all together for us. We kept crying tears of joy and amazement as I am now, sending you these few words. Thank you and your husband for truly making that day, a day so special. A day filled with love and joy. We will both treasure these moments both of you captured for us on film, in our hearts and in our souls.  Mahalo  So many continued blessings,
Wayne and Lucy 
Married May 27th, 2011

Text (808) 646-0632
Good Day to you and Mikey
We did get the CD before we left and the photos were BEAUTIFUL. I can’t even begin to tell you both how much we appreciate EVERYTHING you both did to make our day so fabulous or even begin to tell you how SPECIAL you both are to our lives now. We hope one day you will come to NC and stay with us to somehow show you our gratitude. We just returned on Sunday May 31 such a SAD day one because we are no longer in the beauty of Hawaii and second I went back to work - YUK
Tim and Shell 
Married May 22, 2015

Hi Leah,
We are home from our Maui honeymoon and I wanted to take a moment and tell you how absolutely lovely our wedding day was because of you and Mike.  I like to be in control so I can't begin to explain how stressed I had been in the months leading up to the big day.  I knew at the end of the day we would be married and that was the most important thing.  Aside from that, one of my dreams was to have wonderful photographs and a video that would capture the day for us.  It was extremely difficult for me to just "let go" and trust someone who was 4,000 miles away and who I had never met.  I must say that when I originally read through your website, my initial thoughts were that someone couldn't POSSIBLY be this good but after my first email to you, I immediately began to see that what I had read was accurate.  No matter how many times I emailed you with questions I thought you would think were silly, you never, ever made me feel like they were trivial and kept reassuring me that this day was important and no question was too small.  I decided to put all my faith in you. After corresponding with you, I knew in my heart that you were the one.  Then, the big day came!  You and Mike made October 10th the most special day for us.  You have such a special talent and we (everyone you photograph) are all blessed that you are using your talent to capture our memories.  The photographs were wonderful.  I am having such a hard time choosing some to enlarge because I want all of them all over the house!!  We borrowed a video player while in Maui just to watch the video and see how good Mike's work really was.  And YES, like some of your other testimonials, I have CRIED every single time we have watched it.  Even as I write this, I have chills.  He is awesome and you two make the best team ever!  You not only made our day special, you made it fun.  I can now vouch for all the testimonials you have on your site.  I have already been spreading the word for anyone we know who are thinking of destination weddings.  Hawaii is the place to go and Hawaiian Eye is the best!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for such a special, special day.  Aloha!  Tommy & Diane
Married October 2005
You will not, cannot go wrong with Hawaiian Eye Weddings. Out of much internet searching and phone calls I made from Tennessee to Hawaii, as soon as I spoke with Leah on the phone I instantly knew they were the ones for me. You can not only trust them 110%, they are professional, do an absolutely amazing job, better than that, they treat your wedding as if were their own, so you know it’s going to be perfect. They are funny, caring, they have it all to make your wedding better than you could imagine. You will also have friends that will bend over backwards for you and your special day.  I talked to Leah a lot before my wedding,  I promise, you can’t go wrong. Hawaiian Eye Weddings owned by husband and wife team Leah and Mike is the best.  Beth & Dan 
Married March 2009
Dear Ms. Leah P. Noble
Complaint Case #: 52020070
Consumer: Nik & Leah -
We are very glad to inform you of this highly complimentary letter from one of your consumers. It was very refreshing to receive it since about 99% of our mail deals with complaints on companies.
You may want to consider entering your business for BBB Torch Awards that honors local businesses and public charities for their outstanding commitment to fair, honest, and ethical marketplace practices. More information on BBB Torch Awards is posted online at
Thank you so much for the favorable experience given to this consumer.
Better Business Bureau August 2012
Hello Leah!
I want to thank you again so much!
You have made everything so easy for us, for our wedding, and REALLY wanted you to know just how much we appreciate it. Because Im feeling great, hubbie-to-be is under ZERO second- hand stress, dealing with the 'other' end of things- ie, me.
You once mentioned that you had a canadian grandmother, and that virtually made us cousins, and I have to say, that in talking with you, I DO feel like dealing with family- the good, fun-loving family that you look forward to seeing each year! Thank you, Leah, for all that you have done, and all that you will do. You are appreciated, and even tho we haven't met in person, I really, deeply want you to know, just how much you mean to this bride-to-be.
Thank you.
Married September 2012
Leah and Michael,
We just sat down and watched our beautiful wedding ceremony with Moe and Joanne just now.  We were so blessed to have you guys do our ceremony.   It exceeded our expectations!!!!!!  
Unbelievably awesome!!!
If there is anywhere we could put in a super positive review for you, let us know.  
Great job. (And great editing!)
What a great way to end our last day in this Paradise.  
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  
Roger & Lynn
Married March 2015
Hi Leah,
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and Mikey for our wedding day. Everything went more perfectly than we could ever have imagined because of you both and the whole process was stress free which is incredible! 
Our family loved the ceremony and still rave about how amazing the day was. 
Thank you again, you gave us the best wedding possible- we will never forget it!!
Love Maddy and Sam xx
Married January 2013
Leah and Mike are amazing. The minute you meet them you feel genuine warmth and fun. You just know that you will be in good hands. They are both so professional, but with an informality that brought humour and intimacy to our special day, and made us feel so relaxed. They were wonderfully accommodating with our two year old groomsman and other family members. The result was a beautiful video that was real, and perfectly captured our happiness on the day. As an officiant Leah painted a lovely and meaningful picture of the Hawaiian backdrop to the vows that we made, with a smile throughout! The photo album is great. So many memories to treasure. They guided us effortlessly through the photoshoot.
We thought that getting married abroad would be complicated, but Leah made the process easy. A few emails and forms to fill in and we were ready to go. Leah took care of everything so we had none of the stress that you normally associate with wedding arrangements.
Our wedding day was as special as it could be, and thanks to Mike and Leah we have a wonderful and treasured record of the occasion.
Cheryl and Richard
East Sussex, England
Married April 6, 2014

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