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Magic Island
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Beautiful bride standing among the palm trees
Beautiful couple with flowing waterfall behind them
Couple on the rocks by a waterfall
Bride with flowers on the beach

Bride with boat and Diamond Head
Bride with boat and Diamond Head
Moon Shadow over the volcanoes
We have shown you just a few of our client's favorite locations to have their ceremony but these are by no means the only ones. In our long career we have traveled to every possible location on Oahu. Twice in our early years we did weddings with receptions on Maui and on the Big Island of Hawaii when the clients had seen our work and would not take no for an answer. That was back in the days when we shot two camera video and did video slideshows we had prepared ahead of time. It has been a whirlwind career! 
On a personal note, I have sewed a button back on a groom's coat seconds before the ceremony started and pushed him, relieved and laughing, into the fray. I have dried eyes, calmed jitters and hugged parents. We have married young people and years later met their children when these same couples renewed their vows. Some are local, some coming from long distances and many from other countries.
If as a child I had been able to see into the future and pick one thing to do in life, this is it.