Hawaii Flowers
Couple in lei and haku head wreath
Bride in cap and lei
Bride in flowers looking out to sea
Bride in lei with bouquet
Bride putting ring on maile lei groom
Bouquet with floral entwined maile lei
Bride with colorful bouquet
Couple exchanging loving glances
Bride putting lei on groom
Family in many flowers
couple with blue florals
Guest hugging newly wed bride
Bride in purple lei and haku head wreath
White bouquet closeup
Bride seated looking over her shoulder
Bride in white florals and groom in maile lei
These are just a few examples of the leis, bouquets and haku head wreaths commonly worn for Hawaii weddings and vow renewals.  Feel free to chose alternate colors and flowers, our florist has a degree in art and can do anything!
Bride and friend in black and white with color in flowers
Bride in green with colorful bouquet and lei
Kiss with floral bracelet on bride
Family in florals; shaka!
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