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Here are answers to the most asked questions about Hawaii wedding and vow renewals:

You do not need a marriage license if you are renewing your vows, and we don't need to see proof that you are married, lol.

There is no waiting period to get married in Hawaii, you can get married the day you arrive, but I recommend you give yourself a day or so to acclimate to the time change.

You have to have a Hawaii marriage license, one from your home state or country is not valid.

Yes, your legal marriage will be recognized on the entire planet.

You only need photo IDs to get married, no birth certificates or divorce papers EXCEPT if you are divorced within 30 days of the new marriage. Just bring documentation.

In most cases I will conduct a rehearsal personally so you know exactly what is happening on your wedding day, right down to the length of the kiss! :)

Yes, you may have guests at your wedding, no, there is no extra charge for them.

Guests are welcome to take pictures if they want to. Video or skype is okay, too.

You do not have to have witnesses.

You will have your photos and/or video links in a few days. 

You may choose your flowers for your bouquet and/or leis, our florist has a degree in art and can do anything.  If you don't see what you want on the web site, send us a photo.

The limousine will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back afterward.

Our stylists come to the hotel to do your hair and/or makeup, you don't have to go anywhere. Your wedding day is a time of reflection and appropriate pampering!

It is never too early to book, and short notice is okay.  We are flexible on dates.

To ask a question, check availability or get a no obligation quote, please click on the red link below and include the date you are interested in and we will get back to you right away!  This is not a contract, just the two of us discussing what you might like.  However, exuberance is not a bit unusual, especially for me, lol!

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